Julian Jensen

UX designer. Background in advertising. Always iterating.

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Embracing first-class design through research and user empathy.


On-Demand Auto Care

"Coast" is a new service in the Bay Area that provides car maintenance at your place of work. We improved their user flow for faster sign up and scheduling.

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Puppy Delivery

BravePup is an organization in Seattle that brings rescue puppies to corporate events. We turned this idea into an app for on-demand puppy delivery.

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Coat Factory

With so many items to choose, and a frustrating user experience, the website for Burlington Coat Factory needed a better way for users to filter their searches and checkout faster.

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100 days of ui

Challenge accepted.

I'm sketching, iterating, and creating 100 different user interface designs—Monday thru Friday. Details about the challenge here.


DO Not Hire Me

Risk-taker. Headline-maker.


To get a job in advertising in 2013, I pushed myself to completely rebrand my online identity using a design-thinking approach. It was called: Do Not Hire Me.

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Born with the creative gene.


I’ve been marketing products and services to people for nearly a decade, now I want to make them better by listening to users instead of trying to persuade them. I bring a unique knowledge of advertising and communication management that no other UX designer has. I have a deep understanding of the importance of creative feedback and a foundation in visual arts.

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