Julian Jensen

I'm a SF-based UX designer with a background in advertising.



Without question, one of the most impressive and intelligent people I’ve ever worked with. Not just a doer but a thinker, and a highly sophisticated and seasoned one at that.
— David yarus (Founder, JSwipe & mllnl)
He is at once reflective and engaging, all while bringing a design-thinking approach to working with people and teams.
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (EDUCATION DIRECTOR)
He’s fearless. No matter what we threw at him, he jumped in head first. He’s a rare talent with a severe entrepreneurial drive.
Give him an idea and he’ll run with it, brainstorm with him and he’ll help make an idea unforgettable.
He dares to think (way) outside the box and celebrates others when they do the same.
An innovator who approaches every situation with an open mind and total commitment.


My Background

I’ve been marketing products and services to people for nearly a decade, now I want to make them better by listening to users instead of trying to persuade them. I bring a unique knowledge of advertising and communication management that no other UX designer has. I have a deep understanding of the importance of creative feedback and I’ve spent years studying, writing, and working to help companies change how their employees interact with each other.


In Los Angeles, I worked my way up from editing TV Commercials to directing them. I worked with brands like Microsoft, AT&T, Whole Foods, and more. After working in the industry for more than 7 years, I decided to attend USC for a master's degree in Communication Management.

Internal Communication

After finishing my master's degree, I received a certificate in Data Science and became a business consultant to fix engagement and retention issues. In my latest report, I analyzed survey data from 56,000 federal employees to examine the motivations behind their job satisfaction. I found that communication issues play a larger role than most of us would expect.



Case Studies


Puppy Delivery


BravePup is an organization in Seattle that brings rescue puppies to corporate events. We turned this idea into an app for on-demand puppy delivery.

Comp 09 Copy copy.jpg

Burlington Coat Factory


The discount retailer needed a better product search tool and a faster checkout process.

MacBook 01 Copy copy.jpg

Do Not Hire Me


To get a job in advertising in 2013, I pushed myself to completely rebrand my online identity using a design-thinking approach.


UX Job Hunt


To be the most transparent job candidate, I've published my application materials and design process for user feedback—right here.

Case study coming very soon

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Side Projects


Daily UI

Craft 100 different user interface elements, Monday through Friday.

019 Leaderboard

019 Leaderboard

018 Analytics Chart

018 Analytics Chart

024 Boarding Pass

024 Boarding Pass

009 Music Player

009 Music Player

007 Settings

007 Settings

013 Direct Messaging

013 Direct Messaging



UX Zoo Podcast

Exploring the strange world of UX through fresh eyes

Transit Planning

Future transit concepts for underserved communities